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Apple interview help?

I feel like there arent too many insights into apple on here! Would really love some help with the behavioral interview process. It’s so much more hush-hush at Apple than at other big tech companies. I’m barely finding anything in my research.

Any prep tips, questions, resources, anything? For some more background, I’m looking for roles on the design side of things. But help with behavioral prep and culture fit is also helpful and i would appreciate it!


I’ve interviewed at Apple before and the questions I got were super generic “Greatest strength” etc questions and really didn’t have anything special. I have heard from others that it really depends what role and team you’re interviewing for.

What role did you interview for to get the more generic type questions?

I can attest to this. They dropped me before the onsites, but a lot of the questions before that at least were pretty easy. Be super sure about the team you wanna join (they ask about that) and do some more specific research about their requirements