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Amazon Program manager interview

Role: Program Manager @AWS
Interview process: Recruiter phone call–》 Hiring Manager phone interview–》 Virtual Interviews via Chime
Lasted more than a month, which was painful

The first round: HR phone call (30min)

  • Understand my experience, the content of the new position, discuss whether to match
  • Discuss relocation
  • Told me what to prepare for the next interview: understand AWS product and Leadership Principles

Second round: Hiring Manager phone interview (1hr)
After self-introduction, it is mainly behavioral. I took the candor course so i was fully prepared and heres what i got onmine

  • How to prioritize multiple projects
  • least favorable part/ challenge at my current position
  • how to notify to leadership when theres a project delay
  • things that could done better at my current role

The third round: Virtual Interviews via Chime (5 rounds, 45min-1hr each)
You need to submit a Writing Assessment before the interview, watch the candor course if youve never done one
Interviewers include managers and directors of different teams in the department, and PMs of other teams
I had a lot of repeated questions after five rounds. It is best to prepare two or three examples for each behavioral question, otherwise you have to repeat the same experience.

  • why amazon
  • favorite LP
  • decision without data
  • decision without manager
  • disagree with the team member
  • proactively resolve a problem
  • difficult customer experience
  • project performed better than expectation
  • challenge that you overcame
  • a time you have to challenge the process
  • failure experience and lesson learned
  • experience that demonstrate ownership
  • project delay
  • strength and weakeness

Interview result: I’m waiting rn but feeling strong that i’ll get an offer :cowboy_hat_face:

Advice on interview preparation

  • A lot of Amazon qs can be searched on the candor site, prepare corresponding examples, preferably one or more LPs
  • Use the STAR method to answer questions
  • After answering many questions, they will follow up on lessons learn or what you could done better. Think ahead of time when preparing.

does this apply to SWE too or just program manager? comments about LP were very helpful- thanks for sharing and will check out Candor’s questions

All roles get questions on LPs so it is something you have to study up on.

Here’s a short guide on behavioral questions at Amazon to help you get started

what are your thoughts on star vs. car frameworks? i’m practicing with both but car feels more natural

Definitely like CAR more because you naturally spend more time on the action/result instead of giving context (situation and task). I’ve been told to focus on the action because it’s your decision making framework that really matters to your interviewer.