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Amazon interview process - Operations Manager

Completed my interview last week, I had an initial phone screen of 45 minutes and a virtual onsite of 3 rounds which lasted 45 minutes each.
Sharing some of the questions that I’ve got in the screening and onsite interviews here.

Tell me an example of a time where you did a task that looked complex but was actually simple when you started doing it.
Tell me about a time when you simplified a huge task with the help of data.
Tell me about a time when you had to make a quick decision and what was its impact.
How did your MBA experience change your leadership style?
Tell me about a time when you led a team and the challenges you faced during it.
Tell me about a time you invented something or found a completely new way to do a certain thing to save time/money.
Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond even though it was not a direct responsibility.
Tell me about a time when you took a huge risk.
Tell me about the best constructive feedback that you received and how did you use it later.

The first question was a huge curveball for me personally as I haven’t seen that question listed anywhere else.
For anyone preparing, I would suggest understanding the job description very well and try to use stories that will display the qualities Amazon is looking for in the job description.


Congrats on going through all the interview levels, that is awesome.

QQ. Did you get behavioural questions during the pre-screening process? if not, what questions did they focus on?


Yes, they do behavioral questions mostly in the pre-screening process as well. But be also prepared to have a solid answer for why do you want to work for Amazon and the particular position. From what I’ve heard they value people who are passionate about their business. Try to show that in this answer or tell me about yourself answer.

Thank you for the quick response, really appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing these questions and tips with the community!