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Amazon, Interview Prep, Using Examples More Than Once

Scheduled for my virtual onsite interview next week and am prepping using the Amazon A to Z course. Great information so far. Throughout the course, there have been multiple instances where I realized that I said and did the wrong thing in my phone screening and first phone interview. But thankfully I still made it to the onsite interview. Now, I won’t make those beginner mistakes again and am feeling more confident about my onsite interview.

Question: During the onsite interview, is it okay to use the same story example with 2 of our interviewers? I imagine that more than 2 is definitely not okay.

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Yes it’s definitely OK to do that, especially if it’s the same example but 2 different LPs. The one thing I would caution you on is if it’s the same LP 2x.

The interviewers have to write up a review of their experience with you, which usually includes details of what example you shared. This is usually read by the hiring committee - it helps to show range/ scope of how you handle things interpersonally if you have a range of experiences with different examples, so there’s that to consider as well.

Here’s an example of how you can reuse a story between interviewers:

  • you talk about a conflict on a Disagree and Commit question and you focus on how you reached an agreement with your colleague
  • you can talk about the same conflict in Hire and Develop but instead concentrate on how you manage strong opinions of high performers on your team ( if the conflict was with an employee)
  • you can also talk about the same conflict in Insist on the Highest Standards if you focus on how you had to stand your ground in order to maintain high quality of a deliverable

Hope this helps!

The only other point I’d make is avoid the same example with the same interviewer, if you can. Just purely from an attention span perspective, it’s hard to keep an interviewer engaged while rehashing the same story over and over.


Niya, thank you for the thorough response. What you’ve outlined makes perfect sense.

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