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Amazon Campaign & Creative Manager (L6) Interview Questions

I just finished the Amazon A-Z course here at Candor as part of my prep fo an upcoming interview this Monday,

I’m having my interview with a Sr. Program Manager at AA.

Any ideas as to what type of questions I should focus on more while preparing my examples?

Also this is the first call I’m getting and from the looks of it I’m not getting a phone screening from the recruiter as all I got told when the recruiter contacted me by email and then phone is to prep. using the material she sends (LPs) and what time would be suitable from my end for the interview which turned out to be with the Sr. Mgr and not the recruiter herself. is that normal?

This usually happens when there are other candidates in the pipeline that are a bit further down the line than you and the recruiter needs to manage time - if you’re a strong candidate, you will get advanced a round and go straight to the video call. It’s not unusual to happen.

Regarding questions, at this stage you will likely get mostly LP questions ( unless you’re applying for a role that has more technical requirements). Questions here will usually focus on Dive Deep, Ownership, Deliver Results and Bias for Action. You might also get Earn Trust if there are particularly complex stakeholder issues in the role.