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Advice on whiteboarding during FB PM interview?

Any advice on how to go about whiteboarding during the FB interview?
Using webcam to show the whiteboard is annoying as the image is flipped/mirrored.

:point_right: Budget option: Google Doc

Share your screen and “whiteboard” on a Google Doc, Google Jamboard or Google Slides.

Remember - formatting is your friend. Highlight, bold and italicize liberally to make a point!

:point_right: $10 option: Sticky whiteboard

Quite a few folks in the community swear by this. Pro tip: hang it so you can reach it while you’re sitting. A slightly more expensive option is buying a huge Post-it sticky presentation pad.
It definitely gets flipped/mirrored effect you mentioned but we still see a ton of people doing it

:point_right: Digital whiteboard software

A lot of folks are using Visio and Mira, Mural and find them all helpful.