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2nd loop -> now mini-loop

Hello all,
I have been in a llloonnngggg adventure with AWS recruiting so far.
2 months ago I have been approached for 2 positions at AWS as an Infrastructure Architect.

I had, for those positions:

  1. 1hr call with recruiter
  2. 1hr technical interview
  3. 2 Assignments (building an architecture schema, and tasks on an EC2)
  4. 5h loop (4h in english, 1h in french)

This probably makes a total of about 7h of interviews, 3h for the assignments and at least 20h of preparation for the loop.

At the end, I did not got an offer. I had focus on brining IT experience related with AWS technologies rather that bringing experience where I had a major impact. It was a mistake. I had a chat with one of the manager that confirms that the experience that I have bring in the loop were not strong enough. They were right.

2 months later I have been contacted again for a similar role. So far I had:
5. 1h interview with Hr
6. 1h technical interview with 2 persons.

Now just receive a confirmation that I will go again for the loop but this time, a mini-loop (2h loop).

I’m more than ready now and I have a feeling that I cannot be closer.
Any advice about what these 2h of mini-loop will be about and with who (what role)?
What do I have to bring this time to finally close the deal ?

Thanks for your help.